3 stars, Massimiliano Alajmo, Vini Stellati

Massimiliano Alajmo: Grilled Veal Kidney with Dijon Sorbet

Grilled Veal Kidney with Dijon Sorbet

“Mamma Rita was really good. She was so good that she earned her first Michelin star at the “Le Calandre” restaurant in Rubano, near Padua in 1993. But then her son Massimiliano, who, after graduating from the hospitality school in Abano Terme and having already had his beautiful experience in French cuisine, upon returning to Italy in 1993, dedicated himself to the home restaurant with his brother Raffaele, who was destined to become a great restaurant manager. As a result, in 1996, the second Michelin star arrived. I remember the emotion of the whole family when “Porta a porta” announced the arrival of the third star in 2002.
The Alajmo brothers are a perfect couple and they have proved it by restoring great style and great cuisine to the Quadri restaurant in Piazza San Marco in Venice. One of the most famous locales in the world finally brought back to the glories of its past.”

Bruno Vespa

The recipe

Ingredients for 4 people

Herb oil


100 g of delicate extra virgin olive oil 20 g of chopped marjoram
20 g of chopped dill
20 g of chopped thyme
20 g of finely chopped fresh basil


Mix the aromatic herbs and add the oil.



10 g Herb oil
3 g of Angostura Bitters
10 g of traditional balsamic vinegar
1 g of salt


Mix the herb oil with the bitters, balsamic vinegar and salt.

Dijon Sorbet


70 g of Dijon mustard
140 g of non-sparkling mineral water
25 g of simple syrup at a 40 per cent density


Mix all, freeze at -20 ° C and then pacotize to a creamy consistency.

Red Onion


80 g of red onion
5 g of delicate extra virgin olive oil
2 g of sea salt
10 g of traditional balsamic vinegar


Cut the onion into 5 mm thick rings and blanch them in water. Dry them and quickly sauté them in a pan with the oil, salt and balsamic vinegar.

Kidney Marinade


10 g of delicate extra virgin olive oil
25 g of Dijon mustard
10 g of lemon juice
5 g of chopped dill
5 g of angostura Bitters
3 g of finely chopped basil
2 g of chopped marjoram


Mix all ingredients together.



600 g of veal kidney, fat partially removed
Salt, to taste.
Sarawak black pepper to taste
2 sprays of dill essence


Cut the veal kidney into 5 mm thick slices; season and flavour them for 10’ minutes in the marinade. Cook the slices on both sides on a hot grill for 5 ‘ minutes; place them in a warmed bowl; flavor them with the herb dressing, salt, pepper and mist with the dill essence.

Rocket and Wild Fennel Salad


80 g of rocket
32 tips of fresh wild fennel
10 g of traditional balsamic vinegar
8 g of delicate extra virgin olive oil
3 g of angostura Bitters
2 g of chopped fennel seeds
1 pinch of salt


Season the rocket and fennel with the rest of the ingredients.

To Finish


12 g of angostura bitters
20 g of traditional balsamic vinegar


Arrange the kidney slices on a warm plate and cover them with the red onion rings. Garnish with the rocket and fennel salad; sprinkle with a few drops of bitters and balsamic vinegar and place 15 grams of mustard sorbet in the center.

Always taste the various elements together before serving

Wine recommended for this dish

Primitivo di Manduria
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